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Episode 23: Evolving Digital CX in Financial Services

In this episode, Brian and Brad discuss the prominence of digital banking, the evolution of traditional banks and how customer experience is changing in the Finance industry.
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When bank branches suddenly closed during the pandemic, it left many customers with no option but to try digital banking channels for the very first time.

To discuss the impact this overnight change had on one of the world’s largest banks, and what the future holds for traditional and digital banking, Brian Walker speaks to Brad Strothkamp - Senior VP of Customer Experience, Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Digital at Wells Fargo.

Episode Highlights

  • In this episode, they discuss how digital channels and customer experience are evolving in the world of banking, including:
  • How the role of the branch will become more focused on financial health education and investment advice than day-to-day transactions.
  • Why challenger banks face an uphill struggle if they prioritize deposit relationships over lending products where the real profits are made.
  • How voice-to-text AI tools present the biggest opportunity to banks looking to enhance customer experience by discovering trends in sentiment and reacting to negativity at speed.

This episode gives some brilliant insights into how the banking industry has moved forward in recent months and the tools and approaches that might help if you’re looking to invest in digital channels for your own business.

If you’re looking to enhance your customer experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors, you won’t want to miss Brad’s fantastic advice in this episode.

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And find out more about Wells Fargo.

In customer experience, you have to tell a story. And that story is not just a customer story. It's an operational story, a cost story or a technology story that takes pretty sophisticated individuals to pull together. Tools are not going to help you as much as you might hope.

Meet the speakers

Brad Strothkamp,

Senior VP of Customer Experience, Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Digital at Wells Fargo

Brad is an experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of strategic planning and implementation. He is skilled in of measurement methodologies/technology platforms, design thinking, initiative/backlog prioritization, and injecting the voice of the customer into agile ceremonies/routines. Some of the companies he consulted are Adobe, Akamai, Citibank, IBM, Rabobank and Capital one.

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