Episode 87: How This Major Jeweler Thinks You Can Use Data for AI Success

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Prakash Hariharabalan of Signet Jeweler's - CE Podcast

How are AI and data science transforming data teams’ workflows, business strategy, and the overall customer experience? 

Prakash Hariharabalan, Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at Signet Jewelers — an overarching umbrella company that houses Jareds, Zales, Kay Jewelers, and more — stops by the show to break down the secrets of truly leveraging data in ecommerce. He and Elena delve into data privacy, ethics, and the importance of cultivating a data-driven culture in retail. 


  • Bridging the gap between data science and business objectives
  • The role of AI in enhancing customer experiences
  • How to maintain ethics and avoid bias when using AI
  • Strategies for building a data-driven culture at your organization 

For the industry of diamonds and jewelry, it’s an expensive purchase, so you really want to give people a luxury experience. You can have my data if my experience is 10 times better than it would be if you didn’t have my data. People are open to that!

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Prakash Hariharabalan

Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at Signet Jewelers

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