Episode 78: Retail Reimagined: Selling “Experiences” in the AI Era

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How well do you know your customers?

Yes, yes, you “know them.” You know their purchasing habits, their demographics, and the various styles trending. But how deep down the rabbit hole are you going as a retailer in trying to truly understand and connect with them on a personal level? 

In today’s episode of Commerce Experience, Jillian Borde, Marketing Director at Double Stitch by Bedsure, talks about radical customer engagement for the 76% of consumers who think companies should know and anticipate their needs, underscoring the necessity for nuanced and targeted marketing approaches that are more experience-driven than anything else.


  • How AI can play a role in shaping unique customer experiences

  • The art of leveraging customer data 

  • The most thoughtful examples of brands interacting with customers

A lot of DTC companies are leveraging wholesale partners in brick-and-mortar spaces, because they do want the customers to be able to like seeing their product in person, which they’re realizing is becoming more and more important.

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