Episode 54: The Power of a Loyalty Program

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According to the 2022 Global Customer Loyalty Report, 67% of companies want to increase their investment in customer retention, but what’s the top way to achieve this? Loyalty programs.

Today, we’re discussing the current state of loyalty programs and how to get the most from your own with Zsuzsa Kecsmar. Zsuzsa is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Antavo, a leading Loyalty Managment solution — and is listed as one of the top 100 European leaders in technology by Forbes.

Join Brian and Zsuzsa as they discuss:

  •  The recurring loyalty program mistakes to avoid

  •  How the current economic climate is impacting investment in loyalty programs

  • Loyalty programs as a fantastic source for first-party data collectio

We learned from our research, that two-thirds of companies want to increase their investment in customer retention. And it’s just one third who want to increase their investment in customer acquisition — so they’re focusing really on their existing customers.

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