Episode 49: Scaling Operations and Securing Financial Health in Ecommerce — A CFO’s Perspective

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Without fulfillment, there is no product for the customer, no experience with your product awaiting them, and ultimately, no reason to sell a product.

In this episode, we are exploring both domestic and international fulfillment and logistics with Brittany Smith, CFO at ShipBob, a international tech company that helps D2C ecommerce brands scale their fulfillment experience.

Join us as Brian and Brittany discuss:

  • What to look for in 3PL and potential fulfillment partners

  • How fulfillment can be a brand’s differentiator for customer experience

  • How to approach taking fulfillment in-house vs. finding a partner

  • Challenges companies face when scaling fulfillment internationally

  • How to differentiate when facing financial constraints

Something we frequently hear from consumers, is that they may not need [a product] in two days, but they’d like to know when it’s gonna arrive. Don’t tell your customers it’s going arrive in a week — and then it takes two weeks, or a month, to get there. And if you have the right partner on the logistics side, they can provide that clarity to the customers where you may have not had the bandwidth to do so on your own.

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