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Changing consumer behavior has made it clear online grocery shopping is here to stay. The time to invest in the power of your product and customer data is now.

With more competition from on-demand players, increased costs, and low margins, grocery retailers need a reliable and sustainable way to increase revenue. By leveraging your product and customer data with a solution like Bloomreach Engagement, you can meet your customers at every stage of their journey, increasing their likelihood of buying. 

It doesn't matter where your customer starts their journey — whether it’s via an anonymous website visit or shopping in-store — leveraging a platform like Bloomreach Engagement is the key to aggregating all your customer behavior and delivering the 1:1, bespoke shopping experiences that keep customers coming back to your brand for all their grocery needs.

How Bloomreach Empowers
Grocery Retailers

Create Truly Connected Customer Journeys

The natively integrated data platform gives you a single marketing view of the customer with a visualization of every (consented) action — online and offline — making it possible for grocery brands to connect the in-store interaction of a customer with their online messaging.

Provide Real-time Product Recommendations

Because of the constantly changing inventory and prices in the grocery inventory, it's crucial that customers are being served accurate and relevant products as they shop your site. With other solutions, online customers may not find out an item’s out of stock until they get to the store. Bloomreach gives customers the confidence that the products they’re being served are available to purchase. 

Deliver Timely Notifications and Offers

Let your customers know — via email, SMS, in-app messages, or web banners — when items are back in stock, when prices have changed, and about promotional events that are specific to their past purchases. Plus, offer coupons targeting the people most likely to use them to increase your margins on discounted items. 

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