The Ultimate Guide to the Omnichannel Customer Journey

Creating an omnichannel customer journey map

Picture a customer visiting your store — trying on clothes, chatting with a salesperson, maybe even using your mobile website for a quick price check. Now imagine replicating that smooth, effortless experience across every digital touchpoint you have with your customers. An omnichannel customer journey brings this idea to life. It’s all about creating a […]

Omnichannel Loyalty Programs: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Using omnichannel loyalty programs to engage and retain customers

One of the biggest challenges for any business is getting customers to keep coming back. After all, customer loyalty is what keeps a business thriving. This is why brands offer customer loyalty programs — to maintain lasting relationships and convert them into repeat buyers.  However, many brands make a common mistake. They think traditional loyalty […]

Comprehensive Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Enhancing Customer Experience


Omnichannel marketing, which bridges the gap between online and offline channels, is one of the hottest trends in retail right now — and for good reason. With its focus on the entire customer experience — and not just one single experience on a single channel — an omnichannel retail strategy is one of the best […]

Côte Harnesses Personalized Weblayers To Craft Customer-Centric Experiences Using Bloomreach


Côte is a well-known casual dining chain in the UK. With more than 80 restaurants and 2,500 employees, Côte restaurants are inspired by the brasseries of Paris, serving authentic French classics made from great quality, fresh ingredients.  Founded in 2007, the company has since expanded beyond the traditional restaurant business with innovative offerings including Côte […]

Personalize, Optimize, Convert: Bloomreach Engagement’s New Must-Have Features


Modern marketing is all about customer data: collecting it, protecting it, and analyzing it to drive smart business decisions. But actually gathering your data and turning them into actionable insights that drive results can be a challenging, time-consuming process that can leave even seasoned marketers feeling overwhelmed. Bloomreach Engagement takes a revolutionary leap forward with […]

Life With Bloomreach

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