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eve Sleep Goes Live With Bloomreach Engagement in 3 Weeks

eve Sleep sells award-winning mattresses in the United Kingdom and has been on the cutting edge of ecommerce since 2015. Acquired by Bensons for Beds in late 2022, Eve Sleep offers mattresses with unique contour zones to support and align to customers’ bodies for optimally comfortable sleep. 

the amount of time it took Bensons for Beds to get fully live with Bloomreach Engagement

The Challenge

In late 2022, Bensons for Beds expanded its brand portfolio by acquiring the IP for eve Sleep, a pioneer of luxury sleep solutions. The challenge for eve immediately after the acquisition was trying to experience similar successes that parent company Bensons for Beds was having with Bloomreach Engagement. 

That meant creating a new Shopify website for eve and making tweaks to the brand and creative content to widen its appeal across a diverse customer base. More importantly, it also meant getting eve up and running with Bloomreach Engagement as fast as possible to begin using previously collected customer data for marketing campaigns. 

What exactly would that entail? Warming up a new IP and putting that collected customer data to work so marketing automation campaigns like abandoned browse, abandoned cart, and other personalized email marketing campaigns could begin being sent — all as fast as possible so that Bensons for Beds could begin creating personalized experiences for its new database of eve Sleep customers. 

The Solution

After creating a new Shopify site for its new brand, Bensons for Beds set out with a difficult task at hand — getting its new (but already established in the market) brand off the ground digitally. 

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement’s Shopify integration and its existing relationship with Voxwise, it took Bensons for Beds just three weeks to create an Engagement environment for eve Sleep and begin using compliantly collected customer data to personalize customer experiences. 

Integrating a Shopify or Shopify Plus account with Bloomreach Engagement enables companies to analyze Shopify data, execute omnichannel marketing campaigns, and use AI-driven capabilities on their Shopify store. And all of this can be done without needing to rely on multiple different platforms or dozens of ad-hoc plug-ins. 

Bloomreach Engagement loaded eve’s customer base, historical orders, and product catalogs from Shopify for usage for email marketing campaigns, sending push notifications, creating experiments, or analyzing data. With Bloomreach and Voxwise already understanding how Bensons likes to work from the previous brand integration, the implementation was simple and seamless and resulted in being able to generate revenue from personalized marketing campaigns nearly right away. 

“The performance we have seen is strong thus far,” Wilson said. “The cooperation between our team, Bloomreach, and Voxwise made this a very straightforward process and made the eve Sleep transition to Bloomreach an easy one.”