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Arriva UK Bus Significantly Increases CRM Revenue With Bloomreach Engagement

At the heart of Arriva UK Bus is an ambition to make passenger transport the best choice, as it looks to connect people within local communities to all of the things that are important to them — safely, reliably, and sustainably. The company has a long and proud history of operating services to a high standard and connecting people to cities and towns so that local economies can thrive and prosper.

increase in CRM revenue year-over-year on its L4L campaign
increase in email open rate year-over-year on its L4L campaign

The Challenge

Arriva UK Bus holds itself accountable to providing best-in-class communications while putting customers at the heart of the business.

Attaining such a goal is challenging in itself, but doing so without the support of the right marketing technology makes it even more difficult.

Arriva UK Bus recognised that its personalized marketing communications could take a large step forward. The company was not able to effectively segment its audiences, gain access to key insights, and have first-class marketing automation.

In order to increase customer engagement and retention, Arriva UK Bus wanted to dive deeper with ecommerce personalization.

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement enabled Arriva UK Bus to put the customer first by enabling more personalized and relevant communication.

Arriva UK Bus can now target highly engaged customers with personalized marketing campaigns using Engagement’s segmentation. This allows the business to target customers effectively by nurturing loyalists and regular travelers as well as launching campaigns to re- engage with customers who are lapsing.

The emphasis on personalized campaigns and more effective targeting practices have led to a more optimized customer journey for Arriva UK Bus’ customers. The new strategies have also led to higher conversion rates and a lower cart abandonment rate.

Additionally, the access to the Bloomreach Engagement’s dashboard and analytics has opened up a world of possibilities for Arriva UK Bus. Since onboarding Bloomreach, the company has been able to gain valuable insights on its customers, which has translated into being able to better identify consumer behavior. This leads to not only a more segmented customer database, but also better facilitation of personalized and more targeted marketing campaigns.

Bloomreach has provided Arriva UK Bus with the capability to increase its marketing agility and the variety of its customer communications. Arriva UK Bus has set up automated scenarios to connect with customers at their current stage in the customer journey through emails, push notifications, and webhooks — something it could not do with its previous marketing technology. These scenarios have helped the company better define customer journeys and have produced revenue-generating results.

The results since switching to Bloomreach Engagement have been incredibly positive for Arriva UK Bus.

In comparing numbers year-over-year on its L4L campaign, Arriva UK Bus has increased CRM revenue by 380% and email open rates by 14%.

On a separate retargeting campaign, Arriva UK Bus drove an incremental increase in revenue with a conversion rate of 11.5%.

On a third email campaign, the company recorded an email open rate of 59% and a click-through rate of 21%, metrics that are well above industry averages.

Overall, Arriva UK Bus has seen its average open rates and click-through rates improve substantially, proving that Bloomreach Engagement has helped provide the company’s customers with a better customer experience.

“The Bloomreach team has been incredibly supportive and has prioritized our business needs from the start. We can now segment, analyze, and optimize to an incredibly high standard, and it’s making a significant difference in performance. Within the first few months alone, we have seen a remarkable uplift in campaign results. Bloomreach has been fantastic throughout our journey together.”

Ruth Snowden, CRM Manager, Arriva UK Bus