3 Ways To Work Smarter With Bloomreach Discovery Merchandising

Michael Lee
Michael Lee

Merchandisers already have to juggle multiple roles within ecommerce companies, from content creator and personalization expert to site experience designer and A/B testing specialist. Fortunately, Bloomreach Discovery gives you everything you need to do crucial merchandising work more effectively instead of getting bogged down with manual tasks. 

Read on for three tips to help you work smarter with the Bloomreach Discovery platform. 

Customize Your Product Card Attributes 

When managing product grids, merchandisers need all the data they can get at their disposal. Bloomreach Discovery provides the flexibility to customize product card attributes to show the information that’s most important to the merchandiser. Instead of only focusing on standard stats such as revenue per visitor (RPV) and conversion rate, you can now incorporate other data like inventory levels or margin

Customize product card attributes to show the most relevant information for you.

This feature has two key benefits for merchandisers: 

  • Improves data-driven decision-making. Get a full view of product performance data to gain valuable insights into what’s working (and what isn’t) with your current merchandising strategy
  • Boosts efficiency. Instead of cross-checking data between various sources, you get a snapshot of the most relevant information, which enables you to make smarter decisions — faster. 

Fine-tune Your Boost Rules 

Bloomreach Discovery allows you to boost products based on various attributes. For more effective merchandising, you’ll want to focus on creating rules that boost revenue. Try merchandising off attributes such as high inventory, high forecast, online-only products, profitability or margin, and BOPIS. 

Boost and bury attributes your products based on various attributes.

Don’t forget to create boost rules for specific scenarios, such as boosting: 

  • Seasonal or event-related products on category pages 
  • Sale items during a promotion
  • Whitelabel or branded products on category pages
  • New products when they launch

By creating a smart ruleset in the Bloomreach Discovery dashboard, you can drive revenue without having to devote a lot of time manually tweaking the product grid. 

Test and Target 

You may have a good idea of what will move the needle for your company, but it’s always best to validate that intuition with data. In Bloomreach Discovery, you can be more confident as you make category or search ranking changes by utilizing the A/B testing functionality. 

As you test, you can revert back to the default visitor experience or create an alternate starting point to test further variants. Keep testing your hypotheses to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product grids. 

Testing and targeting ensures you're getting the most out of time and effort.

If you want to test on a smaller scale, be sure to use audience targeting. Bloomreach Discovery’s targeting features let you create specific merchandising rules for visitors who meet certain criteria or have specific characteristics, such as new vs. returning customers, device, campaign, or last activity. 

Work Smarter With Bloomreach Discovery

These are only a few ways to take advantage of the Bloomreach Discovery platform and streamline your merchandising. Explore more ways to use Bloomreach Discovery in our documentation, or read our guide on how to focus on the 20% of merchandising tasks that drive the greatest impact for your business. 


Michael Lee

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