March Bloomreach Discovery Update: Part Number Search, Easier Merchandising, and More

Christine Reyes
Christine Reyes

Get ready for some great new features if you’re a brSM customer. We’re finishing off the month with three exciting releases that will help merchandisers continue to rock their search experience. At Bloomreach, we believe that excellent commerce experiences always start with best-in-class search, and these features are one more way you can use search and merchandising to serve your buyers.


Feature Highlights


Lookup for More Precise Search

Lookup enables an exact match of any word, number, string that exists in designated fields. When Lookups are enabled, Bloomreach will first check for an exact match for the designated fields before conducting the default search, ensuring that we catch use cases that require more precise search.

This is a powerful feature for B2B sellers that want to support part number searches, as well as for retailers that have a lot of brand-specific queries. The benefits for your customers include:

  • Better user experience: Customers are able to find the products they are looking for due to a more exact recall set.
  • Reduced null results: For part number searches in particular, Lookups greatly reduces null result pages.
  • Reduced errors of incorrect purchases and returns: If the wrong product is surfaced due to an imprecise match of the part number, customers might end up buying the wrong part since the purchasing agent often doesn’t know what the part number is actually supposed to be . Lookup reduces these errors and the amount of returns or exchanges that might happen because of them.

Check out the documentation to see how to enable this for your site>


Bulk Operations

Bulk Operations allows customers to apply merchandising tasks on multiple items at the same time and increases their productivity, ensuring they spend less time making changes to their site product-by-product.

With Bulk Operations, you can:

  • Search for and select products by their Product IDs in bulk
  • Boost, bury, block, or lock products in bulk
  • Drag and drop to add products to the grid , or position-lock products within the grid in bulk


Performance Dashboard

Bloomreach has reduced the amount of time it takes for merchandising rules created on the dashboard to reflect on the customer’s live site. The turnaround time for a sync for normal rules is now real-time instead of 30 minutes, and in the window of 1 second to 5 minutes for scheduled rules. Removing the need to wait for 30 minutes unlocks merchandisers to work much faster, make changes on the fly, and see their impact immediately.


Get Started

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Christine Reyes

Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Christine Reyes oversees product marketing for Bloomreach Search & Merchandising to help companies build great commerce experiences.

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