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Michael Lee
Michael Lee

TikTok has quickly become one of the biggest social media platforms out there, with over a billion active monthly users in 2021 (and an expected two billion by the end of 2024). That may not mean much to you as an ecommerce professional…but it should. TikTok is no longer just the realm of choreographed dances and up-and-coming popstars — it’s also become a powerhouse ecommerce platform in its own right. 

Read on to learn more about TikTok’s growth in ecommerce, why it matters to your brand, and how to take advantage of this opportunity with Bloomreach. 

TikTok’s Challenge to Amazon

In the fall of 2023, TikTok officially launched TikTok Shop in the US, representing a big step into ecommerce for the social media company. Now, it’s much easier for brands and individual creators to feature, showcase, and sell their products from within the app. 

TikTok shop

This step is just part of TikTok’s ambitious goal of challenging Amazon’s dominance in the US. In fact, TikTok has reportedly set an internal goal of growing its US ecommerce volume by 10x to $17.5 billion in 2024. 

Why You Should Care 

Obviously, ecommerce in social media isn’t new — Facebook Marketplace launched in 2016 and Instagram Shop launched in 2020. But TikTok’s heavy investment in its ecommerce growth, coupled with its goal of reaching two billion monthly active users by the end of the year, signifies a new opportunity that your brand can’t afford to pass up. 

With more and more users discovering and buying products via social media, you need to meet your customers where they’re shopping. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing revenue to trendier and more visible brands. 

Woman purchasing an item on TikTok Shop

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just start blasting ads on TikTok. One of the reasons why social ecommerce platforms have been successful is due to the personalization that comes with them. Consumers want relevant recommendations that take their preferences into account. 

But in order to provide personalized recommendations, you need data. Lots of it. 

How Bloomreach Can Help You Drive Success on TikTok 

Bloomreach Engagement compiles your customer data into a single customer view so you can provide the most relevant content to each person. Our marketing automation solution allows you to consolidate all your data in one place, including past purchases, preferences and favorites, engagement stats (e.g., when they’re most likely to open an email, what kind of offer they’re most likely to click through on), zero-party and first-party data, and much more. 

From there, our customer data engine and powerful AI can turn that data into actionable insights and personalized recommendations — all in real time and across all of your channels. 

Which brings us back to TikTok. Bloomreach has partnered with TikTok so you can integrate TikTok ads with Bloomreach Engagement. That means you can use the real-time customer data you’ve collected to build better audience segments. And with Bloomreach’s customer data engine, these segmentations are dynamic and automatically updated in real time based on each customer’s changing preferences and purchasing habits, making it possible to create truly targeted ads that resonate with TikTok users and drive conversions. For example, if you have data that shows certain segments are more likely to engage with a discount code, you can use Bloomreach to show TikTok ads with a 10% discount to only those audiences and serve a more generic free shipping ad to everyone else. 

Man receiving a tailored offer on TikTok

This integration is particularly impactful now as third-party cookies are getting phased out. With Loomi, our ecommerce AI, you can automatically create high-quality lookalike segments based on purchase intent and lifetime value (LTV) to run ads that lower your customer acquisition costs (CAC) and boost revenue. 

How To Use TikTok Lead Generation Ads With Bloomreach 

Getting started with TikTok lead generation ads in Bloomreach is super simple: 

And that’s it! You’ll be all set to turn incoming webhooks from TikTok Leads into Bloomreach Engagement’s customer or events format. You can now manage your ad audiences from a single platform and get full control over what data to use and how for more effective paid ad campaigns

Be sure to take advantage of our AI prediction models to target the right people, make your campaigns more efficient, and set the right discount model to generate the biggest profit. 

Start taking advantage of our integration with TikTok to drive real ecommerce results on a huge social media platform. Learn more about TikTok ads in Bloomreach or reach out to your account manager for more details.


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