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Shinhe Cho
Shinhe Cho

As customers continue to expect more sophisticated online shopping experiences, we know the pressure is on to meet their expectations. That’s why Bloomreach has built the most advanced search algorithms in Bloomreach Discovery to deliver relevant and revenue-driving results for every search query. But as you gain more insights into your customer shopping behavior or product performance data, you may want to tweak the algorithms to better suit your business needs. And of course, you know your business best!  

A Truly Flexible Search Algorithm

Here’s where algorithm controls come in.

Introducing the dashboard-ready configuration for four of our main prebuilt search algorithms: 

  • Search recall precision
  • Query relaxation
  • Spell correct
  • Facet precision

You can easily toggle these four algorithms on or off from the dashboard, as well as preview the impact of your changes with a side-by-side comparison view before going live. Need to override your algorithm settings for specific queries? You can do that, too. 

Bloomreach is giving more control back to our customers. Avoid time spent contacting support and gain access to the algorithms that power your search. Whether it’s our search recall precision mode (which helps remove noise from the recall set) or query relaxation (which helps reduce null results by identifying the core product type in a search), Bloomreach’s powerful algorithms are at your disposal. 

Drive Measurable Results With Bloomreach Discovery

Looking to take algorithm controls for a spin? If you’re feeling frustrated at your search vendor’s lack of AI-driven intelligence or feel your current solution is a “black box,” schedule a personalized demo of Bloomreach Discovery to see what next-gen search looks like!


Shinhe Cho

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Shinhe Cho connects customers to the magic of Bloomreach Discovery as a customer-centric product advocate. She enjoys delivering value and solving problems, one message at a time.

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