Introducing APIs for Data Ingestion

Christine Reyes
Christine Reyes

We have an exciting new feature to announce today that should catch the attention of development teams and merchandisers – introducing APIs for data ingestion. Find out how this feature can improve your business.

Announcing New APIs for Data Ingestion

Most eCommerce companies today are embracing API-based strategies for their online store catalogs so that they’re free to make changes at a moment’s notice, whether that’s adding a new product or updating a price. With this speed available to them, merchandisers are empowered to optimize their storefronts in near real-time and be more responsive to their customers.

The new data ingestion APIs for brSM are faster and more scalable, ensuring that development teams have what they need to work hand-in-hand with their merchandising teams. They support full and partial catalog updates as well as view and variant level attribute changes and overall provide a much better experience for developers integrating brSM. 

How Can API-Based Data Ingestion Improve My Business?

Drive Sales With Faster Pricing and Promotion Changes

Faster data processing enables merchandisers to make quick changes to pricing. Running a last-minute sale? Receiving an urgent request from a supplier to launch a promotion? The speed of our new APIs ensures that merchandisers can roll out these changes right away and capture new sales.

Never Lose a Customer Due to Out-of-Stock Inventory

Speed ​​equals conversion. Near real-time updates for inventory ensures that customers always have the right information in front of them, so that you never miss a sale due to outdated stock information.

Experiment and Customize to Meet Your Business Needs

The APIs open up powerful possibilities for data scientists to inject custom attributes into the index, which merchandisers can then use to optimize experiences. For example, a fashion brand might have subjective attributes such as “trendiness” that they want to bring into the search experience, based on their internal Machine Learning models or other analysis.

Get Started

Bloomreach is always looking for ways to provide improved tools for merchandisers and development teams, and we hope that these APIs will prove to be one more way companies can elevate their search experiences.

Want to get started with the new APIs? Read everything technical teams need to know here .


Christine Reyes

Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Christine Reyes oversees product marketing for Bloomreach Search & Merchandising to help companies build great commerce experiences.

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