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Planet provides integrated software, payment, and technology solutions for its customers in the Hospitality and Retail sectors and worldwide via a network of global Financial Services Partners.

Planet helps its customers and partners make the most of the connected commerce revolution. Our software and payment technology enables businesses to unlock the benefits of a more connected and digital world.

Founded over 35 years ago, we have evolved our services, delivering an innovative digital commerce platform that puts customer experience first. 

With headquarters in London and nearly 3,000 expert employees located across six continents we serve customers in over 120 markets.  

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Partner Core Capabilities: Content

Provide your customers with the best online experience using Planet Unified Commerce and Bloomreach content. With these solutions, you have limitless possibilities to create compelling experiences that blend content and products, while personalizing the experience.

Partner Core Capabilities: Discovery

Make faster and smarter decisions with proactive suggestions on the best opportunities to improve online revenue. Our merchandising suite also speeds up decision-making time and cuts down on menial tasks through a perfect balance of AI and merchandiser control.

Partner Quote:

“Planet and Bloomreach are joining forces to offer a fully unified and composable commerce solution for retailers, especially for cooperative and independent store network models. By combining Planet’s unified commerce capabilities with Bloomreach’s advanced AI-driven personalization and search capabilities,  we are poised to enable the creation of high-performing  shopping channels  (e-commerce and in-store) by leveraging stores as strategic assets to boost business growth, while effectively managing the complexities of their model.”

What is Planet most excited about in its partnership with Bloomreach:

Planet and Bloomreach offer a powerful combination for retailers to create the concept of a marketplace of stores, easy and quick to implement.

By pairing one of the strongest unified commerce platform and the best AI-Powered Ecommerce Personalization platformer, we facilitate to build a performant e-commerce channel while leveraging the stores as a strategic asset, to increase their business and to offer the best shopping experience.


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