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With growing bot attacks and email security related issues, Omnivery is the most secure, private way to send email while improving your deliverability.

Perfect for transactional or marketing messages, features include proprietary BOT detection, which successfully identifies non-human interaction, ISO27701 certification, strict privacy mode, automated email compliance, anti-abuse protection including URI Allowlist, and much more. And, since our role is to deliver email, not simply send it, our deliverability services are pro-active, not re-active, and best of all, you never pay extra for them.

We’ve made switching easy! Using our One Click migration and our compatible APIs and webhooks, you can switch in hours; not days, weeks, or months from most major providers. And, of course, we support the standard SMTP protocol for sending messages as well.

Solution Overview
  • Pro-active Deliverability support included. If issues arise, we will reach out to you to resolve them. Gone are the days of creating a ticket and hoping someone gets back to you.
  • Multiple ISO certifications and GDPR compliant. Omnivery is the most secure, private email sending technology available today and meets the highest worldwide standards for protecting data, including GDPR.
  • Robust email analytics. Easily track and manage metrics you rely on.

  • Integrated solutions, including Inbox Monster and Red Sift. Both products are fully integrated and can be used immediately or take advantage of a free 30-day trial. 

  • EU Datacenters. Omnivery is built from an EU compliance perspective first.

Key Benefits
  • Proprietary Bot Detection to identify nonhuman interaction with email
  • Pro-active Deliverability services included at no additional charge
  • Switching made easy with one-click migration and compatible APIs with many major senders.
  • Integrated Inbox Monster and Red Sift plus a 30-day free trial of both services.
  • Multiple ISO certifications creating the most secure, private email sending service in the world.
  • EU Datacenters.

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