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gocertify is a unique platform that enables brands to enhance their discount and offer strategies through innovative verification tools and offer management capabilities.

With gocertify, brands can run offers for specific user groups, such as students or key workers, and even create white-label offer pages to display all their discounts.

The platform is designed to boost sales and grow a brand’s customer relationship management (CRM) by capturing more data. It achieves this through the use of a DataCapture feature that allows brands to collect zero-party data every time an offer is claimed. This data can then be used to drive targeted messaging campaigns or retarget abandoned carts.

gocertify’s extensive integration capabilities allow data and insights to be synced with a brand’s CRM, enabling better personalization and thereby increasing conversion rates.

With gocertify, brands can maximize the value of their offers and gain insights into their audience’s age, student status, or occupation.

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