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Vecton is an independent marketing automation agency, recognized for its multi-certified expertise in maximizing the return from CRM platforms for industry leaders. With a focus solely on CRM potential, Vecton brings deep, targeted insights to tool selection and implementation, helping businesses navigate the complexities of modern marketing technology. Our team conducts thorough business and technical audits, crafts bespoke marketing automation strategies, and develops compelling business cases to drive tangible results.

At Vecton, we’re dedicated to delivering not just data-driven strategies but real-world outcomes that redefine industry standards.

Our services:

  • CRM Strategy
  • Platform Selection
  • Platform Integration
  • Use Cases Implementation
  • Campaign Management
  • CRM Analytics

Experienced in most difficult challenges

Vecton solves CRM implementation challenges and architect solutions customized for each organization’s specific business needs. Examples:

  • Overcoming Customer identification challenges to create the meaningful Single Customer View for proper communication, personalization, and analytics.
  • Combining offline and online worlds to provide a seamless omnichannel experience for each customer.
  • Building custom CRM implementations for less typical e-commerce business models, e.g. subscription-based, highly rotating product offering, mobile application-based products, etc.

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Vecton x Bloomreach

Vecton’s partnership with Bloomreach has been a cornerstone of our mission to empower businesses to achieve growth and success using top-tier marketing automation and CRM technologies.

1. Enhancing the Bloomreach Product: Vecton’s experts were part of Bloomreach product development, focusing especially on the customer segmentation and personalization aspects, to bring new Bloomreach product functionalities enabling growth through personalization.

2. Spreading the Word: Vecton and Bloomreach together host conferences and presenting at events, where we evangelized about the value of great technology and its practical use cases.

3. Transforming CRM to the New Level: We collaborated to migrate companies from simpler tools to the best-in-class technology stack setups.

4. Ensuring Growth with Bloomreach: The most emphasis and focus we’ve been putting on close collaboration with clients using Bloomreach technology in order to ensure their unstoppable growth with that platform through various strategies and tactics.

Vecton has helped over 25 Bloomreach clients, achieving a 98 NPS score. If you’re interested in discovering the value of Bloomreach technology or learning how we can help you maximize the potential of CDP, CRM, or marketing automation, reach out to us at [email protected].


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