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Realistic marketing strategies for tangible results. 

GROOW isn’t just a marketing agency. We live by a dynamic motto: “From experiments to sales,” leading marketing activities into real results.

Our tailor-made marketing strategies combine unique approach to every client and digital first strategy.

Understanding client product
The key to our success is a deep understanding of the client’s product , setting realistic KPI’s and technocratic execution of the strategy. Our deep knowledge is in the areas of retail, medical segment and all kinds of ecommerce.

Customized strategies
We tailor strategies to fit client’s unique needs, ensuring that every campaign is both impactful and relevant for audience. This delivers excellent results in client campaigns and business outcomes.

Experimentation leads to perfection
Experimentation is deeply written in our DNA. Our workflow is full of experimentation, hypothesis testing and iteration. We continually test and refine strategies, adapting to market changes and maximizing campaign effectiveness also using Bloomreach.

Target client size
Our goal is simple: to deliver a high return to clients on marketing investment. We prioritize strategies that drive real growth and sales.

We excel in applying the knowledge learned while working with large corporate clients to the SMB segment.

Our clients include the largest energy company, the largest pharmacy chain, the second largest health insurer and one of the largest engineering companies globally.

The GROOW Effect
“From experiments to sales, that’s the GROOW effect” – our approach is more than a slogan, it’s a proven methodology for success in ever-evolving of marketing.

Core capabilities:
Data-driven marketing

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