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Fastloop is a Data Integrator.

We use Data to optimize business performance. We enable organizations to make the most of their data and find new ways of improving their understanding of customers and the business. This often comes to life through the adoption of leading technologies and in best-in class business expertise.

We recognize that excellence in Big Data, Cloud Technology & Advanced Analytics sets up digital transformations for success.

Solution Overview

Data Solutions

We implement industry-leading and secure services that simplify your complex Data requirements and weave them into the fabric of your infrastructure.

Our Data Solutions include:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Engineering
  • BI Modernization
  • Measurement Frameworks


Cloud Solutions

We deliver quality, scalable solutions across all major Clouds to support the growth, scale and speed required in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

Our Cloud Solutions include:

  • Cloud Platforms, Storage and Solutions 
  • Cloud Networking & Security
  • Cloud Applications & Engines 
  • Cloud Migrations & Modernization
  • Multi and Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Analytics Solutions

We turn Data into impactful insights that can drive your business, technology and operations to the next level.

Our Analytics Solutions include: 

  • Operational & Enterprise Analytics
  • Dashboarding, Reporting, & Attribution 
  • Business Intelligence Modernization 
  • Data Modeling & Design
  • Customer Lifetime Value, Recommendation Engines, Churn Models
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Products Key Benefits

At Fastloop, we focus on democratizing analytics across the business. Enabling business users across technical and non-technical realms to make the most of their data.

Services that Deliver Real Business Results

Our services and solutions solve more than technical challenges. They deliver real business results that enable organizations to create sustainable competitive advantages. We ensure all our engagements deliver more than on any one of the following core business results:


Revenue Creation

  • Unlocking new revenue streams
  • Optimizing existing revenue channels
  • Diversifying revenue sources

Cost Savings

  • Reallocating valuable resources
  • Automating processes and time savings
  • Streamlining access to correct data

Operational Intelligence

  • Enabling real-time analytics and reporting
  • Driving better, faster decision making
  • Future-skilling BI and IT teams 

Core Capabilities
  • Marketing
  • User Experience Design
  • CDP

  • Americas