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Digitl Cloud is focused on Cloud & Technology helping customers with consulting and services with their Cloud infrastructure. Our offices are located in multiple locations, not only in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich but also in Zürich and Barcelona. We at Digitl Cloud believe in our core principles focusing on creating an open minded and innovative workplace, in order to ensure best quality delivery.

On the complimentary side of Digitl Cloud, the company Digitl was founded, being a Google Marketing Platform Partner. As joint efforts, the companies synergy will provide many opportunities for faced paced growth and collaborative projects. This has already been demonstrated in some of our client cases. In sum the team already employs more than 30+ experts, providing a solid base for future expansion.

Within GCP we set to offer services in the following 7 areas. Primarily, we will focus on Marketing Analytics, due to the fact that this correlates with our offering at Digitl and helps us to profit from joint expertise. In order to build upon these projects, we will aim to expand our Data Analytics and Management, as well as Machine Learning areas. Based on our experience, this opens up many new options and projects for clients, which enables them to expand their use and demand for Google Cloud products. Furthermore, we have identified Application Development as an essential area of our offering, helping us to assist client needs comprehensively. Lastly, the overall service that we aim to provide, will be concentrated on Infrastructure and Cloud Migration. These two areas are the base for any client to develop and nurture a cloud based strategy.

In addition, Digitl Cloud serves as an authorised reseller and service partner for Google Workspace and Looker Studio Pro & Platform. We assist organisations with licensing, deployment, integration, training, and support to help them maximize the value of these solutions.


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