Bratislava, Slovakia
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DataConcept is providing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) services.

DataConcept will link your marketing strategy with your sales goals. The communication uses transactional & behavioral data about the current or potential customer base and the market. This means the marketing is targeted to a specific customer, business or existing account. ABM is most useful to companies who want to sell their product or service to particular organizations or individual customer. The best ABM company will boost your turnover.

Business services:

  • Digital Sales Consultancy Customer Journey modeling (Acquisition, Retention, Monetization)
  • Automated omnichannel communication processes (external toward customer, internal toward sales team)
  • Personalized communication (Customer event driven, Customer data driven)

Technology services:

  • Development
  • Implementation CDXP/CRM
  • AI models development

Core Capabilities
  • Experience Management
  • Marketing
  • Search & Merchandising
  • CDP

  • EMEA