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About Cassovia Code

A local software house that has been operating in the IT industry since 2011. Cassovia Code specializes in developing digital experience, ecommerce, mobile solutions, tailored tech services for startups, and custom development. Located in Košice, Slovakia, Cassovia Code connects businesses and end users, builds solutions, and advises clients on solving technological challenges. Thanks to a high-quality tech stack composed of innovative technologies, Cassovia Code helped to transform more than 110 projects into the online world in more than 36 business fields, including the automotive sector, retail, hotels, travel agencies, state institutions / public sector organizations, hospitals, etc.

Sophisticated ecommerce solutions

Certified professionals from Cassovia Code are ready to help you find the best ecommerce solution and provide your customer with the ultimate digital experience.

Why choose us
  • Focus on customer
    We put our customer front and center. We make sure our teams are committed to helping clients achieve their objectives.
  • Transparent communication
    We are committed to your success and will take the time to listen and discuss what you appreciate and how our partnership can improve.
  • Agile working
    We understand that only genuine cooperation will result in working software satisfying your needs. We use agile – clear deliverables, short 2-week sprints, and visible work progress.
  • Extensive experience
    For 10 years, we have gained experience that moved us from a game studio to a member of international development teams.
  • Fair pricing
    We can help to build your digital product to fit your specific needs, respecting your cash flow and financial planning.

Cassovia Code

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