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Unlock Your Data’s Full Value
Improving your customer experience, cost efficiencies and revenue growth all start with data. But harnessing the full power of your data requires accessible and resilient infrastructure. For more than 20 years, we’ve been hyper-focused on data and the infrastructure to support it. Our data and AI expertise helps business and IT leaders provide trusted insights to every team member – so they can make better decisions every day.


In Customer Experience, the transition of financial institutions, telco and big retailers to omnichannel communication in real time is crucial. At Adastra we manage this impeccably. We are involved both in the implementation of communication tools and the creation of communication strategies and scenarios. From your own experience, you know that the customer’s journey is not a simple one that takes place in a linear fashion. They often switch between digital and traditional channels. An effective strategy is based on recognizing the customer in both types of communication (digital and traditional) and actually identifying their needs. After that, it’s just a small step to understanding how to communicate with the customer. Communication with the customer is very voluminous in terms of data, which is why we utilize the Big Data environment for our work. This enables all communications to be archived and analyzed. It also supports real-time communication, which allows us to process and evaluate information as soon as it originates. We also use artificial intelligence for selected communication scenarios.


Our deep technical and business expertise, combined with Bloomreach world-leading CDXP, allow us to provide the best Customer Experience solution for data rich companies. We have a proven track record of helping organizations of all sizes – from SMEs to Fortune 1000s – achieve their transformation goals.


Data is your superpower. We’ll help you unleash it.

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