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Hippo Launches Hippo CMS Version 7.7

New Channel Manager Capabilities

Continuing to focus on helping clients manage channels more easily, the Channel Manager interface has been enhanced in v7.7 giving users a new overview of channels, and the ability to group by channel type and language.
New User Management And Group Management Interface
For Hippo CMS 7.7, the Government of the Netherlands ( donated a new User Management and Group Management Interface. These new interfaces allow for much easier navigation between separate views, and the new interface gives user permission information at a glance. 
Also, new more sophisticated user access control configurations give clients much more flexibility to allow or deny users to administrative and console operations.
Developer and Administrative Improvements
The newest version of Hippo CMS also continues our dedication to developers and making their life easier as well.  New extended field validation now provides support for adding custom field validators to the CMS with localized error messages. This gives developers a great amount of flexibility when configuring customized and required fields for their content authors.
As more and more channels requiring different sized images are coming online, Hippo CMS 7.7 also has improvements to how image scaling & editing is handled.  Scaling is also now throttled to protect and enhance the robustness and scalability of the CMS application itself for high traffic environments.
And, on the subject of compliance – Hippo CMS 7.7 now has an improved event logger which can support millions of log entries which can be retained almost indefinitely with minimal performance overhead.
Finally, content export has also been improved and Auto-Export is now available as a separate add-on. Support for delta XML and multiple content modules is also available.
New Interface Language Support
Last, but certainly not least – Hippo CMS 7.7 now support German directly within the CMS interface to support the expansive use of the product in germany. 
Arjé Cahn, CTO of Hippo, said “Hippo CMS 7.7 is once again showing how quickly we’re moving – and how focused we are on helping organizations of all sizes successfully manage the complex world of multiple Web channels.  We are always working to achieve a balance of new, developer focused improvements and user-focused interface enhancements.  It’s also important that we recognize the huge community that helps Hippo CMS be as successful as it is.  Our community is passionate and really helps us to be innovative. In particular for this release, I’d like to recognize (the Government of the Netherlands) for its great contributions to the user and group management enhancements.”
Getting Started
As with all new Hippo releases, users can go try out the new functionality of Hippo CMS 7.7 online and view all the supporting documentation on the Hippo Trail at

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