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Finalist integrated Hippo CMS with Liferay portal

We see a wave of companies looking for a more flexible solution to be able to re-use their content across multiple delivery channels. Driving this development are the needs to deliver (personalized) content anywhere in the context of the audience.” said Hippo's co-founder and CCO, Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer. “The integrations with Liferay provides a good collaboration and portal solutions with a lot of out of the box functionality. This is a solution which works with all JSR-286 based portals (Jetspeed, Liferay, Jboss Portal, etc.). This generic portlet integration solution comes out of the box with Hippo CMS. We look forward to work even closer with Finalist to bring their expertise to the Hippo customer eco-system.”
Finalist officially partnered with Hippo, the leading developer of open source Enterprise CMS software, in 2009. Finalist donated the integration with Liferay to the Hippo open source community.
More companies are turning to Finalist because they are under extreme pressure by extensive cost and time constraints associated with getting a flexible online presence.” said Okke van 't Verlaat,  CTO of Finalist. “With the integration of Hippo CMS with and the popular Liferay portal companies & government entities can manage their content in one place & deliver this content to their intranet, internet & mobile channels. This solution not only solves the problem of internal linking from content within Liferay pages, but results in a medium neutral content storage with unmatched potential to personalization & delivery. The solution will be donated to the open source community.”

 Hippo Liferay Finalist 

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