TDC Lighthouse Becomes Hippo Gold Partner

TDC Lighthouse sees great potential in today’s market for open source CMS and portal solutions of Hippo. Many organizations want more freedom and access to their information and application architecture. Hippo CMS 7 is expected to have a prominent place in the open source solutions offered by TDC Lighthouse.

“Maturity of open source content management systems has been proven by now. A good example is the national goverment ( succesfully transferring to Hippo CMS this year. The current economic climate allows more and more larger organizations to seriously look at open source alternatives”, according to Marc Bloemendaal, CCO TDC Lighthouse. “We now see many organisations move from closed source packages, such as Tridion, to Hippo’s open source CMS. In doing these kinds of migrations we have gained an extensive experience and we see growth in this market. “
“TDC Lighthouse is known as an organization that delivers high quality for the government, NGOs and foundations. Issues such as transparency, cost and safety are also priorities for all TDC Lighthouse employees. We are very pleased that TDC Lighthouse has become a Gold partner. This will especially benefit clients at the top end of the market.” according to Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CCO of Hippo.

Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting)

Amongst other examples, TDC Lighthouse has developed the new website of the Dutch Kidney Foundation based on Hippo CMS. For the Kidney Foundation it was crucial to increase findability to generate more donors and donors. The Fundraising Magazine has commissioned a study into how well the 208 charity websites perform. In this study  the site of the Kidney Foundation came out best.

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