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Open source vendor Hippo launches Hippo CMS version 7 with new core technological features

Hippo CMS 7.0 is an enterprise-class open source software product designed for businesses that have a large quantity of files, documents and web content that needs to be captured, stored, preserved and delivered internally and externally.

Version 7.0 features a completely new technological core based on Apache Jackrabbit, introducing full JSR 170 compliancy. The GUI technology moved to Apache Wicket enabling a modern AJAX GUI with drag drop and auto-save functionality. Version 7.0 is highly extensible, allowing organizations to choose from a wide variety of plug-ins in order to address their precise needs for managing and utilizing their enterprise content. This flexible architecture also allows developers to easily add custom functionality if no suitable plug-in is available.
The Hippo architecture introduced in the previous version (6.0), with strong separation of concerns and its content driven repository, has been further improved, introducing a high performance faceted repository based on Apache Lucene and Apache Jackrabbit. The faceted repository introduces 'drop and start' dynamic categorization of content; allowing organizations to significantly speedup implementation resulting in a dramatically improved ROI compared to traditional CMS.

Key features of the current release include:

  • A faceted repository allowing users to label their content in multiple ways to make it easier to order, find and use
  • Java Content Repository (JSR-170) support to access content repositories in a standardized manner
  • Support for JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Cocoon, Portlets and easy template editing to make the software extensible for developers
  • Extensibility through plug-in architecture and configurations to allow users to extend and modify the CMS as their content management needs change
  • Node granularity, making data more manageable
  • Indexing external repositories making it easier for content to be pulled from various / incompatible sources and indexed centrally
  • More 'tools' in CMS:

Arjé Cahn, CTO of Hippo, said “Hippo CMS 7.0 is designed to help organizations that need to manage a lot of data. It provides them with an intuitive, flexible and enterprise-class content management system that will meet the unique contentmanagement needs of their business, with no data lock-in or excessive costs. The new product was designed with ease of implementation and extensibility in mind.”

In the coming months, Hippo will further expand on the new concept of secure facets based on this new repository; allowing for non-hierarchical security and knowledge-driven workflow. Hippo CMS 7.0 is open source software that is free to download at

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