Partner event Hippo big success

The events key note speech by Jan Willem Broekema, former director of OSOSS, president of the Internet Society and management consultant at Het Expertise Centrum (HEC) showed the great importance the Dutch and European governments attach to open source. It became clear that there are enormous opportunities for our partners around open source in the Government sector.

In the subsequent presentations the Hippo business model and our view of the open source marketplace were addressed and the way we want to work with our partners in the future.
The main presentation was obviously the technology preview by Arjé Cahn showing the new and upcoming release 7 of Hippo CMS.

From the evaluation we learned that the event was highly appreciated by our partners and that there’s certainly a keen interested in future events. The fact that our partners want to share their knowledge with each other is obviously something we encourage and fits in the open source mindset!

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