Hippo is listed in the Emerce image top 10 website management

The Emerce top 100 is put together with help by TNS/NIPO on bases of an inquiry among readers of Emerce, Computable, Management Team and Intermediar. Questions among others were how there was thought about over more than 300 company’s in the field of knowledge, service, price ratio, and so on. The company’s are divided in ten categories. Each category makes up its own top 10. All those ten best company’s of each category qualifies for the Emerce 100.

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CEO of Hippo: “Being part of the top 10 website management company’s with the best image shows once again that open source is upcoming and its means further recognition for Hippo as being a leader in open source Content management. The recently by the Dutch parliament approved plan of Heemskerk with the aim to stimulate the usage of open standards and open source software by (semi) public government, will further improve this usage. For us so far it looks to be effective. With confidence we look forward to next year and we are striving for an even better qualification in 2008”.

Since 2007 national and international organizations are able to share and link information and knowledge effectively and efficient with the Hippo products. Hippo works with partners worldwide, which is one of the reasons for the successful usage of Hippo products by organization as ANWB, TUI Holland, VNU Business Media, Philips and ABN-Amro.

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