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Episode 8: Building a Commerce Experience Agency

Brian Grady, CEO of commerce experience agency Gorilla Group, discusses how companies can successfully navigate the digital economy through the current economic climate.
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Brian Walker has the pleasure of speaking to Brian Grady, CEO of Gorilla Group, one of the industry’s fastest-growing commerce experience agencies.

Following a successful career with various technology leaders in the industry, Brian acquired Gorilla in 2008 when it was a small Chicago-based development shop. Since then, Brian has grown the agency into a team of over 370 employees working across 4 countries, with a cumulative 9-year growth rate of 945%.

Episode Highlights

  • In this episode, Brian and his guest share notes on some of the most pressing topics in digital commerce today, including:
  • Why the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically accelerated B2B digital commerce and what that means for the industry as a whole.
  • The top considerations for B2B digital experiences beyond the point of transaction, what customers want to see and how business models need to evolve in response.
  • How the current travel restrictions will change the face of eCommerce consulting and talent acquisition forever.

Whether you focus on B2B, B2C or straddle both, this episode is jam-packed with valuable strategic advice on navigating the digital economy in the current economic climate.

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Specific things discussed in the show:

Five or six years ago, there were a bunch of folks that took a chance in the B2B space and really tried to change their business models to be more digital and commerce-focused, but there's still a fair amount of holdouts…and I think [COVID-19] is going to light a fire underneath them.

Meet the speakers

Brian Grady

CEO of Gorilla Group

Brian Grady is CEO of Gorilla Group, a Wunderman Commerce Company, one of the industry’s fastest-growing commerce experience agencies.

Headquartered in Chicago, with offices across North America and Europe, Brian has built Gorilla into a respected thought leader and full-service commerce solutions provider, able to provide insightful strategic guidance and the skilled resources to enable the visions of an ever-growing roster of enterprise retailers, distributors, and brand manufacturers.

Gorilla has built its reputation by delivering digital transformation with exceptional commerce solutions that provide its clients superior ROI on their critical investments.

Brian has focused on delivering added client value by establishing strategic partnerships with leading marketing automation and commerce platform providers, including SAP, Adobe/Magento, and Salesforce.

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