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Episode 38: Composable Commerce, with Jamus Driscoll, CEO at Elastic Path

The latest guest on ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ is Jamus Driscoll – Chief Executive Officer at headless commerce platform Elastic Path. In this episode, Brian and Jamus discuss the rapidly changing demands of ecommerce businesses, the rise of composable commerce, and how it’s helping digital brands create omnichannel experiences, scale up faster and bring their commerce visions to life.
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Every ecommerce leader has a vision for how their brand is going to stand out online. But forcing off-the-shelf commerce functionality into their digital architecture makes it difficult to bring that exact vision to life.
To learn more about how composable commerce empowers digital teams to realise their visions of taking complete control of their digital commerce strategy, Brian Walker speaks to Jamus Driscoll, CEO at headless commerce platform, Elastic Path.

Episode Highlights

  • Together, they discuss the concept of composable commerce versus headless commerce, the importance of investing in new digital capabilities, and what the next 12 to 24 months holds for ecommerce, including:
  • When it’s time for ecommerce businesses to start moving towards more flexible digital platforms that allow them to adapt to customer needs as they change.
  • How to get your leadership team on-board with digital architecture changes by asking “is the business living up to its digital aspirations?”
  • And how we’re technologically not far away from commerce being so embedded in our lives, that we’ll be able to use our televisions to order products.

This episode is packed with insights on the technology and business benefits of composable commerce, including the ways future-thinking brands are already using composable commerce to create tailored customer experiences.
If this is something your company is thinking about, or you’re just keen to know what the future of digital commerce architecture looks like, Jamus shares some brilliant insights in this episode that you won’t want to miss.
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“Composable commerce has laid bare new business models. It's no longer just a B2B channel, a B2C channel and others. It’s now about commerce as a core capability for companies to engage their market.”

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Jamus Driscoll

CEO at Elastic Path

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