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Episode 31: The Digital Seeker Part 1 with Raj De Datta, CEO and Co-Founder at Bloomreach

Raj De Datta, the Co-Founder and CEO at Bloomreach joins Brian Walker in this episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’. In this first of a 2-part episode, they discuss Raj’s journey from entrepreneur to global company leader, and how the decisions and opportunities he’s taken during the pandemic will shape the future of Bloomreach.
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People don’t go online because they want to watch ads, they go online because they want great experiences.

 That’s exactly why Raj De Datta co-founded Bloomreach back in 2009.

In today’s ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ episode, Brian Walker speaks to Bloomreach CEO Raj De Datta to learn more about his entrepreneurial background and his role in evolving Bloomreach into the industry leader for eCommerce experiences.

Episode Highlights

  • Together, they discuss the story behind Bloomreach, how the company made the most of the pandemic, and the strategies eCommerce businesses should adopt as the world heads back to normality, including:
  • Where the idea for Bloomreach came from, the surprises and discoveries that Raj has encountered over the past decade, and the lessons he’s learned.
  • The strategy behind Bloomreach’s acquisition of the customer data and experience platform Exponea earlier this year.
  • And an introduction to Raj’s new book The Digital Seeker: A Guide for Digital Teams to Build Winning Experiences.

This episode offers fascinating insights into the entrepreneur’s mindset, including what it takes to found, lead, and grow a successful company. 

If you’re looking to deliver better digital experiences, you won’t want to miss the crucial insights Raj shares in this episode. 

For more on Raj’s new book, The Digital Seeker, make sure you come back next week for the launch of part 2 of this episode. 

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Get to know Raj a little better by checking out his LinkedIn profile:

You can also pre-order Raj’s new book The Digital Seeker ahead of its launch on June 1:

It used to be that the person who grew up in digital was the person who would run eCommerce. Now the person who grows up into digital is the CEO of the company. And so, as a result of that, the mindset has got to be totally different. It can't just be a thing you do. It is THE thing you do. Period.

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Raj De Datta

CEO and Co-Founder at Bloomreach

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