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Episode 3: Navigating eCommerce in Emerging Markets Today

In this episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’, Brian discusses the state of the current global commerce landscape with the CEO and Founder of Blue Cape Ventures, Hendrik Laubscher.
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In today’s episode, Brian speaks with Hendrik Laubscher, CEO and Founder of boutique research consultancy, Blue Cape Ventures.

Hendrik and Brian have known each other for many years and have shared many meaningful conversations in the past.   Knowing how much strategic value Hendrik brings to his clients, Brian invited him on to “The State of Commerce Experience” to share his experience with you.

Back in Brian’s Forrester days, Hendrik was his “go-to” source for intel on what was happening in emerging markets such as Africa, Indonesia, South Asia and the Middle East.

Continuing the trend, this episode focuses on the impacts that the current healthcare crisis is having on global eCommerce.

Episode Highlights

  • In today’s show, Brian and Hendrik discuss some of the key topics at the top of many global CEOs’ priority lists, including:
  • The typical challenges that businesses face when expanding into Africa and the logistical issues to consider
  • The future of eCommerce in Mexico and how Mercado Libre is paving the way for Mexico to become an even more important market than Brazil.
  • How western brands can leverage the opportunities that the Chinese eCommerce landscape has to offer, and what companies need to think about before launching in China.

This episode is filled with valuable insights on global commerce developments and what you need to know if you’re operating in some of these rapidly growing markets.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode, as well as any recommendations for future guests you’d like to see us talk to, so please get in touch with us.

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Specific things discussed in the show:

I believe that in the next 12 months we will see the battle between Mercado Libre and Amazon ramp up, because both of them realise that Mexico could be the big Latin American market that scales up so big that it becomes more important than Brazil.

Meet the speakers

Hendrik Laubscher

CEO and Founder at Blue Cape Ventures

Hendrik is passionate about ecommerce, marketplaces, global ecommerce and data.

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