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Episode 25: Data-Driven Marketing

In this episode, Brian Walker and Peter discuss the importance of smarter managed data when it comes to enhancing customer experience, and the digital marketing benefits businesses will gain from having a single customer view.
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Collecting customer data is key to any successful business that is looking to scale. But simply collecting masses of data won’t give you a competitive advantage – you have to truly understand that data in order to make the most of it through digital marketing.

Episode Highlights

  • In this episode of the ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ podcast, host Brian Walker speaks to Peter Irikovsky, CEO at Exponea to discuss the evolution of customer data, and ways forward-thinking eCommerce brands are using it to build better relationships with their customers, including:
  • How companies that had the best customer data during Covid were able to change their business models overnight and still drive growth.
  • The role of the Customer Data Experience Platform (CDXP) in 2021, what it enables your business to do, and the challenges you face if your customer data is too siloed.
  • How the imminent elimination of third-party cookies will shake up the market, and how zero-party data will improve customers’ experiences with brands they trust.

This episode gives some brilliant insights into the power of the ‘single customer view’, and the benefits of investing in a customer data platform for your own business as data regulations evolve.

If you’ve been thinking about shaking up your approach to customer data and experience, you’ll want to listen to this episode to hear what’s worked for some of Exponea’s most successful clients.

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The companies that are becoming the future unicorns have the best data about their customers. We have clients that are 6X up, year-over-year. You can’t do that without knowledge of your customers.

Meet the speakers

Peter Irikovsky,

CEO, Exponea

Peter Irikovsky is the CEO of Exponea, the leading customer data and experience platform (CDXP). Prior to heading up the Exponea team, Peter demonstrated his passion for entrepreneurialism as the CEO of Slevomat Group, where he helped grow revenue to €100m in fewer than four years. His past experience also includes LRJ Capital, McKinsey, and Groupon. Peter is a frequent speaker (Davos, Forbes, StartupGrind, US Embassy, EU commission), and serves as the head of the supervisory board at Duke of Edinburgh International Award in Slovakia, board member of National Monuments Foundation, and committee member at Millennium Calendar Prize. He is a Singularity University graduate and holds a degree in Computer Science.

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