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Episode 22: B2B eCommerce Market Size & Maturity

In this episode, Brian and Mark discuss the changing conditions of the B2B digital commerce market, the impact that Amazon Business and B2B marketplaces have had over the past years and the challenges B2B commerce businesses will be facing next.
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Covid-19 has driven the fastest ever growth in eCommerce, but it alone isn’t the only factor behind shifting behaviors in B2B transactions.

To explore how the market is evolving and find out more about how businesses can keep pace with ever-increasing customer demands, Brian speaks to Mark Brohan - Vice President at Digital Commerce 360, in the latest episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’ podcast.

Episode Highlights

  • Mark and Brian discuss what the future holds for B2B digital commerce, and how companies must adapt to avoid being left behind, including:
  • Why B2B is much more than just eCommerce and how EDI still has a big role to play.
  • Why over half of B2B buyers would pay for a better user experience, and how you can deliver it.
  • What B2B merchants really think about the potential of Amazon Business, and why you need a strategy that allows your business to compete.

This episode gives some brilliant insights into the opportunities and challenges anyone in the B2B commerce world can expect in the upcoming months and how you can ensure your business is ready for the changes ahead.

If you’ve been thinking about how you can sharpen up all your touchpoints as B2B competition increases, you won’t want to miss Mark’s great advice in this episode.

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In about a year and a half, Amazon Business will be the biggest industrial distributor in the US by sheer product volume alone.

Meet the speakers

Mark Brohan,

Vice President at Digital Commerce 360

Mark is an experienced Vice President Research with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. He is skilled in Trend Analysis, Journalism, Online Retail, Marketing Strategy, and Creative Problem Solving. He holds a a Master's degree focused in Journalism from American University.

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