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Episode 21: Innovating with AI & ML in Retail

Carrie Tharp, Vice President of Retail and Consumer at Google Cloud, joins Brian Walker in the latest episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’. They discuss how retail businesses can boost their online offering and the opportunities that are out there for those willing to grasp them.
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Digital marketplaces and eCommerce specialists were already forcing traditional stores to move from brick-and-mortar to a virtual world, but Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the pace of change.

Successfully making this transformation is challenging, but for the businesses that do it well, there are huge opportunities.

To explore these opportunities and find out more about how businesses can overcome the most common challenges faced when going through a digital transformation, Brian talks to Carrie Tharp, Vice President of Retail and Consumer at Google Cloud.

Episode Highlights

  • In this episode, Carrie and Brian discuss how retailers can weather the current storm and make the most of the digital tools available to them, including:
  • How the pandemic has changed consumer behavior and the way physical stores will be used by consumers as we move towards Christmas.
  • How brands can use tools like Machine Learning to transition from brick-and-mortar retail to digital commerce, without loosing that personal touch.
  • The value of working with partners such as Google to build your digital presence and offer, rather than starting from scratch.

This episode gives some brilliant insights into how retailers of every variety and size can take advantage of eCommerce. If you’re currently leading a store-first business and considering how you make the move into digital or you’re looking for ways to boost your existing online offering, you won’t want to miss Carrie’s great advice in this episode.

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And find out more about Google Cloud.

Retail sites are a very static framework… they don’t represent at all how you walk into a mall or walk into a store and discover a product. To me, it's been an area begging for evolution for quite some time.

Meet the speakers

Carrie Tharp,

Vice President of Retail and Consumer at Google Cloud

Carrie is an innovative Chief Digital Officer/Chief Marketing Officer with experience driving growth and business transformation in retail, consumer products and eCommerce based businesses. She creates data driven, customer centric strategies that drive growth through new customer experiences, digital innovation, and business model expansion. She is currently focused on evolving retail capabilities for the new digital age - dedicated to building teams and experiences to serve customers in new and compelling ways.

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