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Episode 20: Evolving the Digital Agency

Jay Dettling, chief executive of tech and marketing consultancy Ansira joins Brian Walker in the latest episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’. They discuss the accelerated pace of change in eCommerce during Covid-19 and how digital agencies are becoming multi-disciplinary service providers.
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The world of eCommerce is constantly evolving, and the pace of change has accelerated like never before during Covid-19 as the whole economy shifts further online.

In turn, this has had a profound impact on digital marketing agencies working in this space. To keep up with their clients they’ve had to move beyond marketing to become multi-disciplinary service providers.

Having held senior leadership roles at both Adobe and Accenture, Jay Dettling has witnessed the evolution of digital first-hand. He’s now leading the global marketing and technology firm Ansira, as CEO, and we couldn’t have spoken to a better person to check in on regarding the latest developments of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing agencies.

Episode Highlights

  • In this episode Jay and Brian discuss how marketing and technology are two sides of the same coin that go hand in hand. They cover lots of interesting topics, including:
  • The challenges of meeting your consumers’ high eCommerce expectations and the opportunities this presents.
  • How the needs of eCommerce clients have grown and how digital agencies need to respond to that through strategy and supply chain knowhow.
  • The value of working in partnerships in the relentlessly innovative technology market and the things you can do to make sure collaboration is fruitful for both parties.

This episode really shines a light on the growing influence and scope of digital, which is so integral to the success of many businesses. If you’re working with eCommerce clients or you’re looking to grow your own eCommerce business, you’ll definitely want to listen to Jay’s critical insights.

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As an agency there was a time when you could just be tech focused and not worry about the creative design or the business strategy or how a particular solution was going to be operated. But now organisations are expecting those multi-disciplinary capabilities.

Meet the speakers

Jay Dettling,

CEO of Ansira

As CEO of Ansira, an independent, global marketing technology and services firm, Jay is responsible for growing our agency’s business, building our client roster, developing and attracting talent, and expanding Ansira’s capabilities. With more than 20 years of experience, his areas of expertise include digital marketing, market growth acceleration, technology partnerships, client service and employee advocacy.

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