Episode 18: Digital Commerce in Post-Crisis China

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China has always been a fast-moving market when it comes to eCommerce and innovation, but the Covid-19 pandemic has given eCommerce companies even more opportunities to accelerate their growth.

To get a candid insight into the Chinese eCommerce market and how the pandemic has impacted this, Brian speaks with Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-In-Chief of SupChina and Co-host of the Sinica podcast. 

Jeremy has spent the last 20 years reporting on the Chinese eCommerce market. He founded multiple Beijing-based magazines before joining China’s leading news platform, SupChina, as its Editor-in-Chief in 2016.  Alongside SupChina “Editor at Large”, Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy hosts the Sinica podcast, where they discuss the latest in Chinese current affairs with leading figures from the world of journalism, academia and business.

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