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Episode 10: Online Travel Business Today and Moving Forward

Henry Harteveldt, President of Atmosphere Research Group, joins Brian Walker in the latest episode of ‘The State of Commerce Experience’. In their conversation, they explore the impact that Covid-19 has had on the travel sector and what the industry will need to evolve in a post-Covid world.
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When it comes to the impact of COVID-19, the travel industry has by far been the most significantly affected. To get a better insight into what’s happening in travel right now, Brian speaks with Henry Harteveldt, Co-Founder and President of Atmosphere Research Group.

Henry is one of the travel industry’s most sought-after thought leaders and has been dubbed the “prophet of travel” because of his keen eye for predicting future trends.

In today’s episode, Brian and Henry explore the impact Covid-19 has had on the travel industry and discuss the key strategic implications for the future of digital commerce in the space.

Episode Highlights

  • In their conversation, Brian and Henry discuss:
  • How the evaporation of current demand and a shift in consumer attitudes will change the face of the travel industry forever.
  • Why the road to recovery will be a “patchwork” pathway and what the near future holds for travellers, agencies, airlines, and service providers alike.
  • Why travel is becoming less about brand loyalty and how digital commerce innovations can help brands respond to this change.

As we all know, the travel industry often sets the digital commerce trends that other sectors follow. So even if you don’t work in travel, you’re going to want to give this a listen. 

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Specific things discussed in the show:

What we have to remember here is that epidemiology is the captain, not the economy. This is a health issue and health is going to drive our economic recovery, our ability to travel and the way we live our lives.

Meet the speakers

Henry Harteveldt

Travel Industry Analyst and Advisor

As a true travel sector veteran, Henry started his career in the early ‘80s in marketing and advertising management roles for companies including TWA and Continental Airlines. In the early 2000s, Henry shifted gears to become Vice President, Principal Analyst and Head of Global Travel Industry Research at Forrester, where he and Brian first met.

After almost 12 years at Forrester, Henry launched his own market research and advisory firm serving the global travel industry, helping clients to understand emerging trends and develop actionable strategies to make them more successful. He was named in the 2014 "Skift 30" list of travel industry movers and shakers.

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