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Episode 1: Guiding Companies Through Covid-19 - Forrester's Strategic Insights

In this first episode of 'The State of Commerce Experience' podcast series, Brian Walker is joined by a well known eCommerce industry expert and research leader, Allen Bonde, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester Research.
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In today’s episode, your host Brian Walker speaks with Allen Bonde. 

Allen has a deep background in eCommerce and has held a wide range of research, consulting and marketing leadership roles over his career.

Allen’s current role is Vice President and Research Director at Forrester, where he leads a group of diverse analysts and researchers covering the strategies, models, services and enabling technologies for digital experience.

Allen is a widely respected figure in the eCommerce industry. So much so he’s known as the “the godfather of commerce analysts” within Forrester – not a title that’s easy to come by!

Episode Highlights

  • In this conversation, Brian and Allen go deep into the world of eCommerce and Allen shares his wealth of experience on a range of topics, including
  • Insights on how shopping behaviour is changing
  • How Forrester are guiding commerce companies through the Covid-19-pandemic
  • His perspective on how eCommerce will change post-Corona

Whether you’re new to the world of eCommerce or have decades of experience under your belt – this conversation is filled with valuable insights for you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode, as well as any recommendations for future guests you’d like to see us talk to, so please get in touch with us.

If you want to find out more about Forrester, you can have a look at their website.

Specific things discussed in the show:

"It is somewhat Darwinian...but companies who had already been investing in digital [before the crisis] are in a better position to adapt and survive.

Meet the speakers

Allen Bonde

VP and Research Director at Forrester

After starting his career as an engineer and researcher in AI and machine learning, Allen has spent the last 20+ years applying data-driven approaches, creating and launching products and brands, and helping the C-suite apply digital technology to disrupt traditional markets and business models. He has held tech leadership roles at all stages of growth - from launch (Offerpop), to expansion (Placester, Repsly), to mergers (eVergence into KANA, Actuate into OpenText), and have been part of 3 exits.

Along the way he’s tended to be the most energized when he has been in the research and consulting space in the center of all the action, and has been fortunate to work with some amazing teams at Yankee Group, McKinsey, and now Forrester Research, where he’s covering digital experience technologies and service providers.

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