Episode 86: Loyalty Programs That Actually Work

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Discover how loyalty programs can transform customer relationships. From Sephora to Kohl’s and Elf, brands are evolving to incentivize and gamify the customer journey, creating extraordinary experiences that go beyond “just perks.”

In this episode, Elena and Roxy delve into the distinctions between loyalty and rewards programs and explore how to tailor the best approach for your ecommerce business.


  • The critical role of loyalty programs in customer retention

  • Gamifying the customer journey

  • Designing exclusive and personalized experiences

I have a friend who has every brand’s app. She downloaded the McDonald’s app, because you get a free ice cream. I don’t care how much money you make, what’s your household income is or whatever, everybody is looking for perks./strong>

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Roxy Couse

Director, Customer Experiences

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