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Episode 83: Learn To Build Ecommerce Merchandising Strategies Like a Pro

Today's episode of the Commerce Experience podcast was filmed at the MACH Content Studio in Las Vegas during Shoptalk Spring. In it, Elena and Salee Suwansawad from VF Corporation sit down together and explore the essential elements of crafting a successful online merchandising strategy within the competitive ecommerce landscape.
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With the increasingly crowded ecommerce landscape of 2024 and beyond, carving out your brand's unique online merchandising strategy is paramount. But how do you get started? 

In today's episode, Elena is joined by Salee Suwansawad, the trailblazing Digital Site Merchandising Leader at VF Corporation, which is home to brands like Vans, Timberland, Northface, and more. With a wealth of experience in the space, Salee unveils the blueprint for constructing a commerce empire that stands the test of time.


  • Merchandising tactics tailored for both online and brick and mortar

  • The secrets behind effective marketing strategies and mastering the art of brand management

  • Navigating the evolving retail landscape with insights on trends, personalized consumer experiences, and technology adoption

Episode 83: Learn To Build Ecommerce Merchandising Strategies Like a Pro

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    Having the ability to be curious enough to understand the technology component. Be really curious to understand the marketing, inventory management, web operations — the whole thing — in order to feel like you can build a digital strategy from the ground up.

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    Salee Suwansawad

    Digital Site Merchandising Leader - Program & Product Manager at VF Corporation

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