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Episode 77: Community and Commerce: Customer Engagement’s Two-Way Street

Elena links up with Desiree Natali, the innovative Director of Social Media at The Honey Pot Company, for a chat about community marketing, grassroots efforts, experimentation and testing, and much more.
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In marketing, one fundamental lesson remains true: embracing change and being open to trying new things is key. In this episode of the Commerce Experience, Desiree Natali, the Director of Social Media and Community at The Honey Pot Company, shares her invaluable experience and marketing wisdom that underscores the essence of adaptability and innovation.

The Honey Pot Company, a pioneer in feminine hygiene and wellness, has blazed a trail marked by its unwavering commitment to experimentation and a profound connection with its community. This journey has led the company to uncharted territories, defying convention and setting new standards for authenticity and storytelling in modern marketing — and isn’t that what all marketers ultimately aspire to do? 


  • The unlikely, and yet obvious mascot that’s helped bring The Honey Pot vast success
  • Whyy engaging with potential customers in meaningful ways means everything
  • How experimentation, grassroots efforts, and AI can bring you serious success
  • All things social media and when is the right moment to embrace new trends

Episode 76: Community and Commerce: Customer Engagement’s Two-Way Street

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    I think the power of the brand is not only having this really beautiful community hub, but also they talk back and forth to us, and we respond.

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    Desiree Natali

    Director of Social Media at The Honey Pot Company

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