Episode 76: Upskilling in AI: Insider Tips From Bloomreach Ambassadors

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AI is the new hire you’ve always dreamed of. But the onboarding process is going to take some time. For the time being, your team’s knowledge and skillset will be the secret sauce to reaping the benefits of the AI technology that’s evolving in front of our eyes by the minute.

Joining Elena on the Commerce Experience to talk about using AI in ecommerce, marketing, and more are two of Bloomreach’s most seasoned ambassadors, Lasse Pedersen, Lead Architect and Technical Director at Nexus, and Rita Sousa, Head of CRM at Lounge. The conversation is sure to leave you pondering about how you’re using AI in your daily workflow, yet, with some of the tips discussed here, you’ll be eager to dive into that next big project.

    •    Various AI use cases and the importance of prompting correctly
    •    The recent boom of AI adoption and how it will change the ways we work
    •    The impact of AI on professional and personal growth

Some people that are quite resistant to innovation, [and] think that AI will make us more mentally lazy; whereas, I completely disagree. Critical thinking will be needed more and more. For people to progress within their careers now that tools like this are available, critical thinking will be the thing that differentiates people.

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