Episode 75: The Secrets To Becoming a Limitless Leader

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What are the traits of a limitless leader, and how would you transform in 2024 if you tapped into this wisdom? 

Today, Elena is joined by Dr. Mary Hemphill, a leadership expert and development coach, author, and highly regarded communicator. She holds a PhD in Leadership Studies and has impacted nearly 50,000 leaders around the world with her transformational and innovative development strategies. Mary is the proud CEO and founder of The Limitless Leader LLC ™, an organization that helps people ignite the leader in themselves. 


  • Mindset shifts necessary to operate as a limitless leader
  • Explore the importance of creating conditions for creativity in the workplace
  • Understanding the impact of technology on leadership and the need for ethical considerations in AI and beyond

When you start to think about, ‘Oh, should I do it? Should I elevate my voice?’ Do you know the minute that you say, ‘I know I can do this,’ and you start to dismantle those walls, you’re growing, you’re expanding?

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