Episode 74: Pop Culture’s Impact on Commerce

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iJoin host Elena Kacan in her debut episode of Commerce Experience, as she sits down with Roxanna Couse (Director, Customer Experience at Bloomreach) and Phillip Jackson (Co-founder of Future Commerce) to discuss the intersection of pop culture and online shopping.

From Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce trends to the grandma chic aesthetic, this conversation unpacks how what’s hot right now can make or break your online store. Don’t miss this discussion packed full of insider tips and laughs as they reveal how to navigate the fast-changing world of digital merchandising.


  • Learn how to ride the wave of the latest TikTok trends and turn them into sales

  • Tailoring your online experience to fit the needs and desires of your target audience, just like Taylor Swift does with her music

  • How Beyonce and Taylor Swift are not just icons but marketing geniuses, and key takeaways for your brand

As a marketer, you have to be so clear about who you’re speaking to because if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re actually speaking to no one.

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