Episode 51: How Brands Can Adapt Their Creative Strategies for Rising Platforms

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While Facebook and Instagram still dominate much of the paid social marketing space, competitors like TikTok and YouTube are gaining more and more real estate. The constantly-changing trends, platforms, and audiences make it seemingly impossible to nail down a creative strategy that can actually work.

Lauren Schwartz, a Creative Strategist and Owner of The Loft 325, a creative studio that specializes in paid social, joins the show to break down how brands can find success with their creative strategies on any platform, or how to pivot existing strategy so that it can be successful.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What brands should consider when selecting a creative agency or studio

  • The “myth” of guaranteed virality in a creative strategy

  • How understanding your ideal customer is a key to success on any platform

  • Why brands need to throw their brand book out the window to balance “polished” advertising with embracing more organic content

  • What else needs to be in place in the customer journey for any marketing campaign to be successful

  • The importance of testing and iteration in creating successful campaigns.

You have to throw that brand book out the window and make sure that you’re making content that people are going to consume — and consume in a way that’s going to resonate with them.

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