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Episode 45: The "Meh-taverse" Pt. 2 — Tactical Insights For Brands Turning to Virtual Spaces

In this episode, we are continuing the discussion we started in our last episode on the Metaverse. Previously, Brian discussed, at a high-level, the Metaverse’s impact on digital commerce.
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In this episode, Johnny Rodriguez, Director of Strategic Innovation at Fresh Consulting and thought leader in the Metaverse space, joins the show to share his experience with the Metaverse and how it is impacting brands today.

We discuss:

  • The many definitions and facets of the Metaverse

  • How brands have utilized the Metaverse for digital and physical commerce

  • The roadblocks for building and sustaining Metaverse initiatives in the current landscape

  • The pros and cons of embracing Metaverse technology

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    I think we’ll have an ideal computing layer on top of life. It’ll be in the homes we live in, the places we work, and the places we take care of each other. That will probably be one of the first things that we’ll see as 'Metaverse' experiences in our lives.

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    Johnny Rodriguez

    Director of Strategic Innovation at Fresh Consulting

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