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Episode 44: The “Meh-taverse” and How Ecommerce Leaders Should Think About It

In this episode of Commerce Experience, Brian completes another installment of his "Take 10" series to discuss his thoughts on the Metaverse and what it means for ecommerce.
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In our ongoing “Take 10” series, Brian takes (at least) 10 minutes to share some perspective on current events, hot topics, and controversial issues within the commerce landscape.

The metaverse fits in all three of those boxes, with gaming, NFTs, and AR and VR technology making waves seemingly day after day, it’s important for companies to measure how they should engage with the metaverse, how much they should prioritize it, and what’s at risk if they do or don’t. 

In this episode, Brian discusses:

  • The Metaverse definition

  • How companies are prioritizing the Metaverse

  • The pros and cons of being an early investor in the Metaverse

  • How many consumers are actually engaging with the Metaverse

  • How NFTs and gaming within the Metaverse are being embraced by consumers

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    Given the fragmentation of advertising and the challenges with skyrocketing acquisition costs, it’s no mystery why marketers are considering the Metaverse as perhaps the next major growth frontier.

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